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Hi! My name is Kelly Poole, and I am the founder of Forme Coaching.​

I founded Forme as apart of my mission to educate and empower as many women as I possibly can - to love and nourish their bodies, to respect and push themselves, to look in the mirror and be proud of every piece of who they are. I started my personal fitness journey from a place of self hate, and extreme lack of confidence, and over many years fitness allowed me to create my place in the world, it gave me a space to be myself, to feel like myself, and to be proud of the human I am, inside & out.

My personal fitness journey has transformed again and again and again over time. I have found my place in the industry as someone who prioritizes health, SELF WORTH, and personal development at the forefront of coaching. There will never be a single more important relationship in your life than the one you have with yourself. The effort, time, and respect you give to your mind, body, and soul are exactly what you will get back from the world.

I specialize in working with women who find themselves not living up to who they know themselves to be. The ones who know what they "should" be doing, but have been unable to cultivate lasting success. I work directly through 1:1 coaching sessions to remove all of the gunk that blocks you from being the version of you, that you love and respect most.​

This program is what I needed years into my fitness journey. I needed someone to help me break through my barriers, create a new relationship with food, fitness, and my body - as well as break through the core beliefs, and toxic patterns I had found myself in. I couldn't love myself, because I didn't know who I was, through doing the work my purpose was born - now I am ready to guide you home to love and alignment.

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Hi! I’m coach Brittany, I am the head coach of Forme - directing our Hot & Healthy program as well as a long term client of the company!

I started my fitness journey journey in 2019 after getting frustrated with the weight I had put on in my first office job. After a year of failed attempts of looking for a quick fix (juice cleanses, fad diets, 7-minute HIIT work outs, etc), I decided to finally put in the hard work. My success in the gym and with macro tracking lit a spark for my own personal development.

As a coach, I want to help and inspire other women to learn how to improve their relationships with their body, food, the scale, their minds and just overall, themselves. I believe that fitness is a great place to start - through showing up for yourself in the gym and learning how to fuel your body, your efforts with yield results. Seeing that your efforts can AND WILL create progress, opens up all the possibilities to optimize different areas of your life.

I believe that self confidence is built by keeping the promises you make to yourself. That you are capable of being the woman you want to be through prioritizing yourself and showing up consistently. And I can’t wait to have a front row seat on your journey!

head coach: brittany grad

Hey, I'm Amy, assistant coach for FORME Coaching.

Looking back, it's a surprise I ended up in the wellness space at all. I was never athletic and considered myself "big boned" knowing no alternative. I recall vividly the moment I decided I was done, and it was all over a pair of jeans I bought that only a few months later I couldn't fit into. I hated myself at that moment and it was that self-hate and disgust that made me make a change. Unfortunately, without education, experience, or guidance, I fell into some pretty disordered thought patterns and habits that initially got me to drop 50 pounds (a little too) quickly. That was the easy part; the true challenge has come from unlearning bad habits imposed on me by myself and toxic diet culture and creating sustainable results.​

I've been in the mental health field for over a decade, knowing that what I wanted out of life was, "to help people". So, I've landed myself focusing on the psychology of behavior and implementing change to help others alter the trajectory of their lives for the better. Alternatively, fitness became a sort of personal passion project as I fell deeper into prioritizing my health and wanting to build the best, strongest version of me. I laugh now because the overlap and parallels between mental health and physical health were glaringly obvious, yet I kept the two so separate. 

By combining theories and concepts from my background in psychotherapy with my knowledge, passion, and personal experience in fitness, I can help guide women into being the best versions of themselves; I can be who I needed when I was so lost and stuck in cycles of self-sabotage and yo-yo dieting. I want to teach women that you should never feel restricted or at war with your body, and that knowledge is power. 
I believe that practice makes better, and with time, consistency, patience, some tough love and self-love, you can achieve anything. Let's do this.

assistant coach Amy a.

Hi! I’m Mercedes- assistant coach and long term client of Kelly’s. 

I found my passion for fitness at 18. I did participate in sports here and there as a kid but never full time. At 18, I was introduced to weightlifting through CrossFit and fell in love with getting stronger over the next 3 years. But since then, my commitment to being in the gym has come and gone for multiple year stints at a time. Each time getting back into the gym after years of not going because I hated my body. More recently, I was feeling lost. I was so unhappy that I had not done anything to care for my body in over 2 years. I hated the way I looked and was extremely self conscious. And I my wedding coming up.. 

I chose to hire Kelly as my coach so I would have accountability and guidance - I wanted to lose body fat and regain confidence in the gym, but in a healthy way this time - no fad diets or cutting out all carbs, etc. I have long term goals of becoming a mom so I wanted more than to just look good on my wedding day. I wanted to maintain a healthy relationship with both food and the gym - I wanted a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. 

Quickly, my passion for fitness returned but I also gained so much more than that. With Kelly’s coaching, I have worked on and improved my mental health just as much as my physical. This has re-ignited my lifelong passion to help others and that, coupled with my renewed love of health and fitness from a lifestyle standpoint has allowed me to live more in line with what I believe is my true calling. Coaching other women. 

Health and fitness is so much more to me now than just chasing a specific physique. I have learned to love my body in all phases of life and that we don’t just need healthy bodies, we need healthy minds too. My goals are now focused on maintaining my health throughout future pregnancies and into my later years of life. 

I look forward to helping you make these same mindset shifts in your journey and to guide you on your way to a healthier mind and body that you LOVE. 

I believe that self confidence is built by keeping the promises you make to yourself. That you are capable of being the woman you want to be through prioritizing yourself and showing up consistently. And I can’t wait to have a front row seat on your journey!


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